Stephanie Taylor-Coleman
Graphic Designer

Phoenix, AZ // Detroit, MI


In this field, I look for the potential for personal growth, the ability to create with purpose, and the feeling of affecting the lives of others in my own little creative way, through productive, good design.


I am currently a Brand Support Designer at Focus Lab.  I have previously worked as an Integrated Graphic Designer for the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ, the sole in-house Designer and Keeper of the Brand for Marketing and Communications at the Detroit Institute of Arts in Midtown, Detroit, the Designer for New Business at Campbell Ewald and a Design Consultant at Dandelion. I am also the Founder of FRNCHQUART Studio, a small studio specializing in identity design for similarly small businesses.


Check out my Portfolio for corporate work and my Dribbble for client work and personal projects.


Let’s create good design together.